AasanMat™ believes in transparency and doesn't claim to be a cure-all or replace conventional medical treatment. Drawing from research and medical studies below, we explain how acupressure and AasanMat™ helps alleviate chronic pain, relieve stress, and ease sore muscles.


When you experience aches, your first inclination may have been to reach for the hot water bottle to sooth the sore area. Whether you realized it or not, you were applying the principles of Gate Control Theory: The Gate Control Theory of pain tells us that we can manage slower pain signals (such as dull achy pains) by misdirecting it with other sensations. AasanMat™ uses these principles to help manage chronic pain. 
"C fibers" are unmyelinated nerve fibers in our body responsible for chronic, long-term pain. By using mechanical stimulus such as spikes from AasanMat™, we activate non-nociceptive receptors (nerves that don't transmit pain signals) to overwhelm signals from C fibers, easing chronic pain. 
To see just how AasanMat™ can make a difference with those suffering from chronic pain, a group of integrative medicine professionals from Germany & Norway conducted a pilot study with 42 participants over a 14-day period. The controlled test (Table 1) demonstrated how a AasanMat™ reduced pain ratings in subjects suffering from chronic lower back pain and chronic neck pain.



In addition to pain relief, the stimulation of acupoints from acupressure leads to complex neurological responses including the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system: the system responsible for stress responses including the hypothalamus. When the hypothalamus is triggered, it releases beta-endorphins into the bloodstream resulting in a lower heart rate and slower breathing, promoting overall relaxation (Figure 1). For the most effective stress relief, you can use your AasanMat™ pillow and mat to stimulate the acupoints on the wrists, shoulders, neck, and forehead. 

In a US-based study in 1996, subjects were made to lie on an acupressure mat every day for at least two weeks. Of the 126 participants who completed a post-study questionnaire, 96% reported relaxation, 98% of the patients reported pain relief, and 94% reported improvement of their sleep quality.




Chronic pain and stress isn't the only reason to use the AasanMat™. Sore muscles are most common caused by poor blood circulation. When the spikes from the AasanMat™ stimulates acupoints, it increases heating to the area. This causes hyperemia or an increase in blood flow to the area which reduces muscle aches. At the biochemical level, acupressure is also known to mediate the nitric oxide (NO) signal`: the molecule responsible for improving local microcirculation and suppressing fatigue-inducing molecules present in the blood.  
Promising pilot studies show that acupressure can increase blood flow at even deeper tissue levels. In 2013, a controlled study showed a significant increase in the oxygen saturation levels in the stimulated area of the participants' body. Increased oxygen saturation levels mean a decrease in fatigue and potentially pain. Stimulating an acupoint close to the knee of healthy participants confirmed increased oxygen saturation on the stimulated side of the tested knee compared to the unstimulated side of the same knee.


Acupressure therapy is historically beneficial to the human body as well as a modern therapy supported by various recent studies. AasanMat™ are proven to be safe, cost-effective, and an easily self-administered form of acupressure therapy.  
If you are looking for a great non-pharmaceutical alternative to support your health and improve your well-being, AasanMat™ is an excellent tool. AasanMat™ is ready to use anytime, anywhere and costs typically less than a session with a therapist. It's easy to see how it is the perfect option for those looking for immediate relief without breaking the bank.

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